UK Pay Day Loans

Easy Loans for Unemployed People

Even under the best of circumstances getting a loan isn't always simple. Especially when you go to a traditional lending institution there is always a ton of paperwork you need to fill out and all kinds of credit checks to go through. Terra Payday Loans will cut through all that nonsense and make the borrowing process as easy as we possibly can. In the end what matters is whether you can afford the loan or not, and it doesn't take a massive number of documents to make an assessment of your credit worthiness. We make Short term loans available to the general public, even if you are temporarily jobless.

No Guarantor Required For Personal Loans

If you have been unemployed for any length of time it isn't at all surprising that your credit history may be a bit spotty, to say the least. This is normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The job market just isn't what it used to be and being out of work should not automatically preclude you from obtaining a loan. On top of that most people would have a hard time finding someone to stand as a guarantor anyway. So, depending on the amount and length of the loan, you don't even need a guarantor to be accepted. Being jobless and on benefits does not disqualify you from getting a personal loan.

No Credit Check for Unemployed

If all you need is a small personal loan for a short period of time and you're in a position to repay your loan, that's all that matters. Most people in today's economy wouldn't pass a full credit check anyway. Even those who do have a full-time job don't always have a clean credit score, let alone when you're on Job Seekers Allowance or only have a part time job. The entire system would come to a grinding halt if it weren't for lenders willing to extend loans to people with less fortunate bank accounts.

We are more than happy to match you went a direct lender who is willing to extend a signature loan. Applying for a signature loan does not require collateral or the need to go into your credit history. An online application is all you need to receive your cash directly into your bank account today. Especially if the amount you wish to borrow is between the £50 and £1,000 threshold your application could be accepted within 60 seconds. However, it may take up to 2 hours for the cash to be deposited into your account.

We make the borrowing process as easy and quick as possible if you are unemployed or on low income. If you're unemployed Terra Payday Loans can still help you get an unsecured loan against future income.